Using Motivation to Help You Succeed

Passing the test:

Motivation gives us inspiration to achieve our goals. It provides us an incentive to help us grow, learn, and develop. We build stamina through motivation. To understand how motivation develops we must learn a few steps in the developmental phase.

First, we must make a decision. That decision is to work through self-growth processes while building on our purpose and strength of mind to cultivate self-discipline. This in turn will motivate you.

How your discomforts affect you:

The second step is to learn to understand and take control of your discomforts. Discomforts are what hold us back many times. It is because many people fail to understand their discomforts. Often these people remain confused, rather than trying to figure out why, what, when, who, and how they became uncomfortable. One of the largest discomforts many people face today, is stressing over examines. They hear the term, test, and go into frenzy. The discomfort keeps them in this state of mind until the test is completed and then they start to realize that it wasn’t that bad. Had these people studied, prepared and organized their study time they would have probably experienced little if any stress at all during testing. We must realize that putting off our duties could take us through the one-step program of failure.

Time is important. When we value time, it gives us some space to organize our life. Recognizing the value of time will also help you accept your discomforts. Discomfort can either make you or break you. Avoiding your discomforts can set you back. Therefore, you must change your mindset and body to master your discomforts. Remember, discomfort builds anxiety which leads to embarrassment.

When people lack motivation, they may find areas of the test in which they feel a lack of confidence. Instead of letting it get you down, you can study harder to build confidence to master the area of weakness. Studying harder helps you to learn various ways to solve problems. Perhaps taking a test is not the source of discomfort. Instead, the uneasiness could be the position in which you are sitting. If you feel soreness in your position, rearrange your body so that it feels more relaxed.

You can use self-talk to discuss how despondent the test makes you feel. Often when we use self-talk, we find that our discomforts were a state of mind. The mind is powerful and can hold us back from success. Using self-talk, you will often find there was not an issue to begin with and that you just added burden to discomfort.

If you are feeling utterly unnerving with the test and feel unclear about the subject, thus you have permission to ask for help or support. It is your human right. You could invite a few friends over to study and prepare for the test with you. Sometimes we just have to write our plans one day at a time to organize our time and space in order to complete our duties.

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