6 Benefits of Living a Passionate and Purposeful Life


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It high time that you stop settling for an ordinary life, you must create a life that is focused and purposeful if you desire to experience true living. Would you like to live a life that brings you joy, excitement and fulfilment? There are many benefits to discovering your main interest, passion or purpose in life. Don’t you want to live a life that’s extraordinary?


When you identify your interests and passions you will gain the inspiration and motivation to learn new skills. You will desire to learn and grow into the person you were created to be. This in turn helps you to meet the goals you set out accomplish. Identifying and pursuing your purpose is a unique self-development tool all by itself. When you make the decision to follow your purpose you will grow and develop as the awesome person you are.


I am a true believer that focus is EVERYTHING! Being focused helps you to stay on task with following your passion and living your purposeful life. In staying focused you can know exactly what you desire and have the ability to go after and achieve it. Your goal setting and planning will be invaluable tools and help you to focus on creating positive change in yourself and your life.


Motivation is the force that guides our behaviour. Knowing your purpose drives you and inspires you to create change in your life which will provide the momentum to keep moving forward towards your goals. Being motivated helps you to constantly monitor your progress against your goals and plans so that you stay motivated to continue to progress. You will want to feel the success of achieving targets and goals at each step of your journey.


Living a purposeful life brings great joy and increases well-being. Having goals and a reason to get up in the morning are very powerful tools and will help you feel a sense of satisfaction, encouragement and success. All of these positive emotions will help you realize that you are the master of your destiny and that you have the ultimate power to change your life.

Better Health

As you improve your situation and outlook by taking positive action each day you will begin to notice that you feel great and that your stress and anxiety levels reduce. By identifying your purpose you will find that you want to take better care of yourself and your health so that you can continue working towards your goals and achieving the life you ultimately desire.

It is worth remembering that you may want to plan in regular exercise, breaks, healthy meals and snacks as well as enough sleep. That way you will ensure that you reap the maximum benefit from your new purposeful lifestyle.


Living a life of purpose and passion will enable you to grow as a person. It will open doors to interests and networks that will stretch you mentally, emotionally and, possibly even, physically. As you follow these new paths you will discover more about yourself, your interests and needs. You will enjoy the process of creating goals and reviewing them as you progress to creating the life you truly desire.

There are many benefits to creating and living a purpose driven life. Why not think about what you really want from life and go for it, so that you can discover them for yourself? And if you would like help in accomplishing your goals just click here for a free 30 minute strategy session.

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