3 Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Passion

Hi there, LaWanda here! Do you love the work that you do? Do not say yes just to disguise your choice of work as practicality. Think hard. It does not require a life’s work or a massive change to follow your passion. Unless you are blessed to have a full-time job doing what you love, you need to focus on what excites you.


You may not make more money doing what you love or you may be too overwhelmed to follow your passion. However, the inexplicable gratification that you will derive is truly worth working your life off for. If you do not start now, you may get stuck. Here are the three most important reasons why you should get off the couch and chase your passion.


Every Step that You Take is a Stride Forward


When you love your job, you do not need to take baby steps. Every step is a stride that marches you forward without you realizing it. You have an overflowing supply of motivation which gets things done. Waking up in the morning is something that you will actually look forward to, when your life’s work has everything to do with your passion.


The world’s experts would not be racking their brains about Mona Lisa’s smile if Leonardo da Vinci would not have followed his passion. If Shakespeare had not worked on his passion, how would the world have celebrated legendary plays like Macbeth and Julius Caesar?


The bottom line is, when you do what you love, your productivity and creativity will go sky high. You will get more work done every day and throughout the year.


You Will be Naturally Good at It


Your motivation and interest will gear you towards your work. It is invigorating to work when you enjoy the experience. Your skill set and talent will help you achieve great things in life and unfold opportunities that were invisible before. You will get creative ideas whether you are at your desk or on the subway.


Moreover, you will find your job rewarding because it will make you happy every single day. Social status and financial rewards may be pleasing but nothing is more satisfying than doing what you love the most.


Your team, boss, clients, or the end users of your product or service will be in appreciation of your work.


The bottom line is, it gives you the power to make yourself and others around you happy.


Work and Fun Merge Together


There are things you do because they need to be done, and then there are things you do because you want to do them. For instance, you have to throw out the garbage, whether you like it or not. Hugging your child because they did well in school is something you do because you love your child. This is how passion will feel like.


Your work should belong to the second category. Look at your job from another perspective that tells you that you need to enjoy the whole process.


The bottom line is, when your work revolves around your true passion, you will be pleased to work.


Even if you do not use your natural gifts, they will always remain within you. All you need to do is find it. It may take a lot of guts to make a fear-based decision of leaping from one life to another but it will be worth it. Break free of the limits you have imposed on yourself and soar high.


Now, are you ready to take the leap?

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